School of Music (Parkville)
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The Faculty is the first all-Steinway tertiary music school in the Southern Hemisphere, with all pianos either Steinways or Steinway-made Bostons, and is unique amongst Australian music schools. Melba Hall houses three of the finest concert grands (Steinway Ds) in the country. As all these concert and teaching instruments are of immense value and primarily intended for teaching and examination, they are not generally available for unsupervised practice.

The Faculty also has 3 harpsichords, 2 fortepianos, 2 clavichords, 2 disklaviers (one a grand), a range of professional quality orchestral instruments, and an extensive collection of historic orchestral and early instruments. The pianos include 3 Steinway Concert Grand pianos. A Mark Nobel harpsichord and the two-manual Roger Pogson tracker-action pipe organ in Melba Hall are all available for student practice; bookings should be made with the Concert Office. A Bill Bright harpsichord, an 1806 Gröber fortepiano and a Marc Nobel clavichord are used for teaching; the Richard Ireland harpsichord and the Zuchermann fortepiano are available for practice. There is a five-manual George Fincham electro-pneumatic organ in Wilson Hall, and fine organs used by organ students in Trinity College and Ormond College.

The Faculty has a complete slendro-pelog bronze Central Javanese Gamelan, a bronze Sundanese gamelan degung, a kacapi-suling rebab ensemble, a complete set of angklung, and a complete set of Javanese shadow puppets. A gamelan Cirebon is on loan from the University of Sydney. There is also a fine collection of North Indian instruments, including tabla-bayan, sitar, sarod and tambura, and Chinese instruments, including er hu, pan hu, gau hu, zhong ruan, yang qin, zheng, dizi and sheng.

Tuition is available in the following instruments:

Piano; Violin; Flute; Trumpet; Classical Guitar; Electric Guitar/Bass; Pipe Organ; Viola; Recorder; Trombone; Lute; Harpsichord; Violoncello; Clarinet; French Horn; Harp; Double Bass; Oboe; Tuba; Percussion; Bassoon; Voice; Saxophone; Viola da Gamba.

Other instruments may be taught by arrangement with the Dean.

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